FDMS is a feature-rich Electronic Document Management software that allows organizations to capture and archive vital documents into a centralized repository. The stored documents can then be accessed by employees using the internet or intranet-based protocols and following strict security parameters.

Indexing is the process of assigning descriptive, searchable data to each scanned document.  FDMS gives your business unlimited user-definable fields.

FDMS tables are structured as per global standards, providing its users easy and seamless migration to any other EDMS in the future.

FDMS offers a robust and fully customizable search module. Users can develop their own search templates save them and use them for faster retrievals.

Web Browser e.g. Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari.

FDMS uses state of the art and most advance file compression technology – DJVU, specifically designed for web usage. The technology can reduce the size of an image file by 70% and at the same time retains the original quality of the scanned image.

Users can record observations, comments, and remarks on the stored documents for future reference purposes.

All scanned images are stored in DJVU format for efficient use of storage space and also to optimize bandwidth utilization. However, the files can be converted to any format using the software. However, preferred formats will have to be defined at the Functional Specification stage.

FDMS can be designed to perform a simple workflow process. This feature however will be developed in consultation with the client at the time of customization.

Multiple levels of encryption provide a completely secure environment for the Document Management System. Documents/password storage is encrypted using 128-bit encryption algorithms to ensure data/document security.

FDMS table structure essentially creates a storage warehouse having various rooms, cabinets, drawers, and folders. This structure helps the administrator to control access of documents based on the user profiles.

User profiles can be established based on departments, functions, or hierarchy of an organization. Privileges can be defined with regards to access to virtual rooms, cabinets, drawers, and folders. The administrator assigns permissions based on department or user level, which allows for a corporate-wide deployment while ensuring only the proper users see the documents they need.

FDMS provides full visibility and audit tracking functionality for every action performed across the enterprise. History of all activity on any given document can be obtained e.g. when documents are viewed, printed, and saved.

FDMS will grow with your Company’s requirements.  It is designed upon a very scalable architecture with hundreds of users and millions of documents stored in mind. Theoretically speaking the software has no limitations with regards to the number of documents or users however hardware requirements will have to be evaluated and upgraded to expand the serviceability.

Policies governing the retention of documents vary from company to company. FDMS offers a fully customizable archival management solution. The retention period can be defined at the document level and the software will ensure that the organization is informed of the documents it needs to purge.

A typical installation is operational in one week. This combined with the easy-to-use interface means your organization and employees can adapt to and enjoy the benefits almost immediately after you make a decision on the system.


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