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OS-First Solutions sourcing is the best option for companies that are continuously striving to streamline its support business processes and want to pay more focus on key business goals and objectives. 

In recent years more and more companies have chosen the outsourcing model to reduce costs and in turn, enhance their profitability in the competitive business world. HR outsourcing including personal outsourcing case studies has indicated that managing human resources involves specialized activities such as payroll administration, employee database management, employee benefits, and a lot more than many companies either don’t have the proper resources or time to manage on their own. By outsourcing their HR functions companies can save huge amounts of money and be free of complications that are otherwise involved in maintaining an internal HR department.  By doing so, companies can concentrate on their core competencies saving their valuable time and resources. 

To sum it up, human resources outsourcing that includes hr recruiting outsourcing helps cut costs helps concentrate on core business, and most importantly helps in ensuring employee satisfaction.


The benefits that our precious clients will enjoy can be direct and indirect. To be very precise, our solution will directly help the companies to streamline their core processes, better employee management, taking care of employees more than before, reducing manual and clerical work for the HR division, and many more. Our services will touch the following activities and interest areas for our clients.

  • OS-First Solutions will hire new employees or the existing ones under its payroll which will give the employees a sense of security. If any company does not want to use third-party payroll, OS-First Solutions can perform its job as a service provider.
  • OS-First Solutions will keep all the physical as well as electronic records of the employees. Our clients will not need to worry about any record updating and cleaning activities.
  • OS-first solutions have a dedicated and trained group of people who are experts in different activities like statutory compliance, payroll processing, and other HR operational activities, so our clients will directly get all the services without considering any extra cost to set-up all these departments and teams.
  • OS-First Solutions will help companies in saving costs that they can utilize in core business processes. Companies that are striving on distributor payroll will be able to free their channels from all headaches and can motivate them to invest more money in products and business.
  • As OS-First Solutions will have all the information, activities, and records centralized with them, clients can get the real-time picture easily and quickly.
  • OS-First Solutions can provide temporary employees at various organizational levels, so a substantial amount of money will be saved and many liabilities will be reduced quickly.
  • OS-First Solutions will take care of all the legal and administrative issues regarding employment. The client will have more time to concentrate on their core business.
  • OS-First Solutions is always there for clients. So in case of any special and customized service solution, we can amend the same on case to case basis.



Whether you’re a one-person company or several hundred-person companies, time is an issue. Our payroll management guarantees you will save time by reducing the hours spent producing payroll information and preparing payroll registers, quarterly, and year to date payroll reports. We’ll save you time by providing prompt preparation at month-end and by eliminating time spent balancing and cross-checking for errors. Payroll management can help you avoid penalties for miscalculations by doing this work for you. We offer all the statutory services like Worker compensation reporting, Federal and provincial tax deposit payments, etc, plus much more. Since no two businesses are alike, we offer individual solutions to your payroll problems, allowing you to stay focused on your success.


Gone are the days when an individual stayed loyal to an organization for a lifetime. Qualified professionals are now throwing caution to the winds and opting for flexible job options. And that’s not surprising considering the demand for temporary hirers today. 

With costs being of utmost importance to corporate, headcounts being frozen, and short-term projects on the rise, several domestic and multinational companies are outsourcing functions to temporary staff. Whereas earlier, temporary jobs primarily meant secretarial positions, today companies are increasingly outsourcing key functions like accounts, legal, marketing, and sales in middle and senior management positions as well.

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