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FDMS is a feature rich Electronic Document Management software that allows organizations to capture and archive vital documents.

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FDMS is a simple and cost effective software, offering the same benefits of  leading EDMS.

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Technical Details

Minimum Requirements for a dedicated Server for FDMS should be available with the following configuration

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Training & Consultancy Services

OS-First Solutions sourcing is the best option for companies that are continuously striving to streamline its support business.

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Electronic Document Management

Document organizing and storing is very critical to every business, and we take it seriously at 1st Solutions. We offer a comprehensive EDM.

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Document Retrieval & Delivery

You can retrieve your document by either calling us or by placing a request on our EDMS software. Retrieval requests can be made at any time.

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Document Storage

One of the primary reasons why organizations store documents are to remain protected against any future legal or regulatory issues. The entire purpose of doing this exercise.

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Document Tracking Services

We ensure your documents are tracked at each stage of the process by providing you the exact location status of your documents.

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Image Scanning

The scanning assembly line is managed and controlled by an indexing software that results in a fully‐automated indexing and renaming process for all electronic documents.

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Secure Document Transfer

We offer secure and safe document transfer facilities, which can help the organizations, centralize their records thus ensuring quality

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On Site Document Sorting

We love your paper.  At First Solutions, we have a specialized team that can visit your site and perform onsite document sorting based on the criteria.

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